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Accredited by the American College of Radiology, Southern Tier Imaging, a division of Park Avenue Associates in Radiology, P.C. is committed to the highest standards in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Our fellowship-trained, Board Certified Radiologists are all locally based, providing compassionate care with same day results. Our office provides a private, comfortable setting offering a relaxed caring atmosphere where our experienced staff will guide you through every step of your MRI.

Offering Quality & Expert Care

At Southern Tier Imaging we only offer High Field Strength Imaging. With our newly installed 3T scanner, we are able to provide the highest quality images in the region. Because all of our Magnets are High Field strength, Open Bore or Flared Bore design, we are the only facility in the region that can offer our patients:

  • Open bore, high quality imaging that results from higher field strength magnets
  • Head & Neck Imaging that can be done without having to have a coil over the face and neck
  • High field quality images of blood vessels without the use of a contrast agent
  • Sound-reduction technology reducing scanning noise by 90%
  • The widest bore in the industry, accommodating patients up to 440 pounds
  • Raising The Bar In MR Imaging

    The 3T Open Bore Vantage Titan offers all patients, including those that are claustrophobic, its state-of-the art technology. With all the advantages of our 1.5T Titan, the 3T combines its significant increase in field strength and advanced imaging techniques to offer unsurpassed images when it comes to particular studies. In these cases, the 3T is extremely efficient, offering patients shorter scan times and higher quality images. This allows our Board Certified Radiologist to interpret your MRI with confidence when trying to differentiate between benign or more serious medical conditions, ultimately allowing our team to provide you with faster, more accurate diagnosis.
    3T imaging is now the standard of care when looking for small cartilage tears, smaller fields of view, thinner slice thickness, certain brain imaging techniques and when looking at blood vessels. This technology should be utilized when scanning:

  • Joints
  • Small body parts like fingers, toes, TMJ’s
  • Brain imaging for MS
  • Angiography