About Southern Tier Imaging

Operating since 1987, Southern Tier Imaging is the region’s only comprehensive MRI provider. For the past 20 plus years, Southern Tier Imaging has been dedicated to bringing our community the most innovative technology and compassionate care that we can provide.

Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to bring some of the most advanced MRI imaging technologies available to our community. With these state of the art imaging systems our patients can be at ease knowing that they are receiving the best MRI has to offer. We are the only facility in the region that provides our patients with 3T Imaging, contrast free blood vessel imaging, and MRE imaging. In addition we offer a full range of Breast Imaging procedures, from basic breast MRI to localizations and biopsies.

Located in a private comfortable setting, we offer you a relaxed caring atmosphere where our experienced staff will walk you through every step of your MRI. We pride ourselves on individualized care for our patients, as all of our Radiologist are locally based, offering on site care at both of our MR facilities.

If you regularly take pain medication, please take it an hour before the exam so you can be more comfortable. Click HERE to see a list of applicable insurance providers. If you have questions regarding your insurance or do not have insurance, please contact our Billing Department prior to your appointment at 607-729-1999.

  • Leading the Way in Technology:
  • At Southern Tier Imaging, our team of qualified professionals will work together to insure that you get the best care possible during your visit with us.

    Our licensed nurses, technologists and board certified radiologists are all accredited by the American College of Radiology and are dedicated to providing excellence in diagnostic imaging.