Information for Referring Doctors

The magnets in MRI scanners are very powerful and pose a safety risk to certain patients. Southern Tier Imaging has a system in place to insure patient safety. Prior to any MR exam the patient is screened for contraindications and other items that may be hazardous or interfere with a MR examination.
Please ask your patient to contact us if they have not received a pre-screening call from us within 24 hours of their appointment being scheduled. Please instruct your patient to bring any x-rays or reports that they have regarding their MRI.

  • • A physicians order
  • • Insurance cards
  • • Photo ID
  • • Stent or Implant cards
  • • Any x-rays or reports from other exams that you have recently had pertaining to the reason
you are having an MRI.

Searching for Clinical Conditions? What should I order? – The What Should I Order? link takes you to the Radiax website. Their document allows you to search for terms found within the ACR Appropriateness Criteria (ACR AC) documents so you can more easily find the clinical conditions you are interested in reviewing.
Patient And Referral Forms
Our Patient And Referral Forms can be downloaded and printed at your office by selecting the appropriate form.

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