At southern Tier imaging we take our patients safety seriously. We follow a strict protocol to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible during their visit with us. Our trained staff will walk you through the screening process and answer any questions or concerns that you have.

MRI Safety & Patient Information

The magnetic field strength of any MRI scanner is very powerful and can pose a safety risk to certain patients. At Southern Tier Imaging we have a system in place to ensure patient safety.

Because of this magnet field, no metal is allowed in the exam room. At our Johnson City location, we are happy to provide you with hospital attire or, if you would like to wear your own clothing, it must be constructed of simple cotton without snaps or zippers. Minimal sedation would have to be prescribed by your physician if necessary.
If you are being scanned at our Vestal location, the 3T magnet is more than twice the strength of any other imaging system in the area so we require all patients to change before entering the scanning room. We also ask that you remove heavy eye makeup, colored or tinted eye contacts, and piercings before your scan.
We provide all of our patients with a locker but ask that you leave all valuables at home, including jewelry. 
Once you are scheduled for an appointment, our office will contact you, review your medical history and a check list that will clear you for your MRI. On the day of your exam you will be asked to bring:

  • • A physician’s order

  • • Insurance cards
  • • Valid ID
  • • Any stent or implant cards
  • • Any x - rays or reports pertaining to your MRI


If you regularly take pain medication, please take it an hour before the exam so you can be more comfortable. If you require medication for claustrophobia please contact your referring physician.

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  • At Southern Tier Imaging, our team of qualified professionals will work together to ensure that you get the best care possible during your visit with us. Our licensed nurses, technologists and board certified radiologists are all accredited by the American College of Radiology and are dedicated to providing excellence in diagnostic imaging.