PLEASE NOTE: If you have an implant you must provide us with an implant card so that we can clear the device safe for a MRI prior to your scan.
Cardiac Pacemakers – Are absolutely contraindicated, however an MR compatible pacemakers are being developed.
Intracranial Aneurysm Clips - Are contraindicated, unless the specific type of MR compatible clip can be absolutely documented.

Neurostimulators/Spinal-Fusion Stimulators – Generally are contraindicated, Medtronic has just released a MR compatible neurostimulator. If you have this brand of neurostimulator, you are safe to be scanned in an MR scanner. There are two manufacturers that are seeking FDA approval for usage of their product in MR, but under strict guidelines.

Drug Infusion Pumps – Some pumps can be scanned but must be checked before and after your scan by a trained professional.
Metallic Foreign Bodies – May or may not be safe for MR scanning depending on type, size and location. These patients must be screened by X-ray, including possible orbital images to rule out metallic foreign bodies.

Cochlear Implants – Contraindicated.

Other Otologic Implants – Generally non-ferromagnetic (MR compatible except McGee stapedectomy piston prosthesis which is NOT MR compatible).

Dental Implants – Generally are OK, except for those that contain magnetically activated components.

Ocular Implants – If your implant is held in place by a magnet it would be contraindicated.

Intravascular Stents, Filters and Coils – Most of these are OK after 6-8 weeks following placement, unless they are made of non-ferrous metal eg. titanium in which case they can be imaged right after placement. Drug-Eluting Stents must be cleared by the implanting physician if they have been in less than 3 months.

Vascular Access Ports and Catheters – OK, except Swan Ganz Catheter.

Penile Implants – Some are OK-must check type

Orthopedic Implants/Prosthesis – OK, MR may cause local heating and MR will cause local image artifact.

Miscellaneous Items Affecting Patient Safety

Heart Valve Prosthesis – OK, but there is a prototype electromagnetically controlled heart valve that is being developed, which is contraindicated.

Pacer Wires (without pacemaker) – Controversial area probably OK at low field but questionable at high field imaging. All patients must have a chest x-ray prior to having an MRI to ensure that the wires are not looped or crossed.

Holter monitor – Contraindicated.

Ventricular-peritoneal Shunts -Programmable shunts must be x-rayed before and after MRI scan to determine settings were not changed by the magnetic field.

Swan Ganz Catheter - Contraindicated. (Thermal dilutor may melt.)

Dermal Patches – Can cause burns during MR study and should be removed.

Pessary, IUD, Diaphragm – OK, but will produce local image artifact.

Hearing Aid – Must be removed.

Permanent eyeliner/tattoos - Can cause local burns

Body piercings/rings/spikes – Can cause local burns, dislodgment, or artifacts. We suggest they be removed (or use low field MR).

Breast Tissue Expanders – Contraindicated

Bullets, Shrapnel, Pellets – Depends on the type and location. Each is individually evaluated.